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On March 16th, 2017 I was awarded the 2018 New York Person of the Year by NY Outdoor News on behalf of the sportsmen and women of New York.  Thank you Outdoor News for this great honor!

Great News from Lindsay...

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Lindsay Agness Fly Fishing

I had a great opportunity to participate in this book... "Reflections from 100 Fly Fishers". I'm Fly Fisher #061... I just ordered my copy! A special thanks to 99 other guides/fly fishers that gave their time for this book. It's special because ALL the proceeds are going to Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery.

You can order here it at

 I'm excited that my fly, "Tissa's Strength" is featured in the book... America's Favorite FliesThe book has more than 235 contributors and 656 pages of oversized color photographs of special flies.  It's special because 100% the profits are going to the James River Association and the Native Fish Society - organizations that make our fisheries and waters healthier. 

You can order your copy here it at