Lindsay Agness Fly Fishing

Special Requests

Join Lindsay on a Fly Fishing Adventure!

 Have you always wanted to learn to fly cast?  Are you new to fly fishing or  would like to improve your casting presentation or distance?  I can help you with any aspect of fly casting. Come for a couple hours of private lessons which can be tailored to your specific needs. I'll cover basic casting, shooting & mending line, back casts, roll casts, basic knots and presentation.  We'll also cover hooking, fighting, landing and releasing your fish.  

Casting Instruction Rates: 1 person $125/ hr.  Let me know if you need a casting tune up and we can fix your casting problems.  

I  also provide a 2-hour introduction to fly fishing that includes casting instruction, overview of equipment, and how to setup your equipment for success. 

Fly Casting Instruction

Fly Tying Instruction

Have you wanted to learn how to tie a fly and don't know where to start?

I can provide easy to follow fly tying lesson for beginners and show you the basic tools, vice & materials to get you started.   (Rochester, NY Area only)

Fly tying Instruction Rates: 1 person $125/ hr.  I will provide instructions, hooks, a vise to tie on & materials to complete your first fly. We will use the time to tie multiple flies to fill your fly box.

Please contact me for speaking engagements, or educational events tailored to your needs.